Become fall-owers of fashion with our Champion collab

Time to sport a new look!

Team Fall Guys / September 5, 2023

You couldn’t get a better fit for Fall Guys than Champion. The sportswear innovators invented the hoodie, a jumper with a built-in snuggle. We love snuggles.

Our first clothing collab brings Champion-themed Costumes to the Blunderdome. Shorts, hats, hoodies, and more, sprint into the store from 10AM GMT 7th - 10AM GMT 14th September.


The Drippy Bucket Costume is sporty and chic, with a bucket hat, a crossbody bag slung across the chest, and the Champions’ iconic red, white, and blue stripes. The Hood Wink Costume is a purple hoodie and cap combo. A cosy fashion statement for sure.

We have a few single-item Costumes, too! You can Champion the cool Logo Print Cap, and no matter how many wins, you can pop on the Embroidered Jumper and look like a real champ. The Oversized Hoodie is big, yellow, and so comfortable it’ll make you mellow. Cold legs? You knee-d the Patch Shorts.
But you’re probably thinking, surely we didn’t collaborate with Champion and aren’t bringing you some physical drip to sport? Well, think no longer. Check out the Champion x Fall Guys Store Page to see what piques your fancy!

With so many in-game goodies and out of game apparel, it’s a Fashion Frenzy in the Blunderdome! We’ll see you there…