New Update: Fall Force

Here’s the Fall Guys Fall Force Update, featuring new Creative obstacles, a spooky Fame Pass and more!

Team Fall Guys / September 27, 2023

We’re going Fall Force in the latest Update, a monstrous update in more ways than one! It's packed with tricks for Fall Guys Creative, and there are treats for everyone in the Trick or Yeet Fame Pass and more. You may also notice that we have chucked on a fresh coat of paint, sporting our brand new theming for Fall Guys moving forward!

New goodies for Fall Guys Creative will fill up the Blunderdome. We’re adding Buttons, Bean Barriers, Carriable Punching Blocks, and more, and there are new Rounds to showcase the chaos that these new items are capable of.

Our autumnal additions are also aesthetic! A new splash screen greets everyone, and new Backgrounds bring brilliant backdrops to your Rounds. Continue reading to find out more…


Throwing you in at the deep end, we’ve got a load of obstacles for you to create with. Builder Beans get some new toys to play with in Fall Guys Creative! We’re particularly pleased about the Carriable Punching Block for obvious reasons. Drumroll please!

Buttons and Pressure Plates
Get switched on with the new Buttons and Pressure Plates. Buttons can be pressed to activate items in the level, while Pressure Plates need to be held down. Both can activate Fans, Conveyor Belts, and Bean Barriers. What’s that? We don’t have Bean Barriers?

Bean Barriers
We do now. A Bean Barrier can act as a wall or a bridge, depending on the orientation. They can be turned on and off, opening or blocking paths, and create terrifying bridges that can be flicked off.

Speed Arches
These Speed Arches will speed up anything that passes through them. Anything. They’ll blast Beans across the level, and if you throw an item into them, like a Carriable Puncher, the fist will go flying.

Carriable Punching Block
The handsome, handheld Carriable Puncher is a portable fist capable of booping opponents away and boosting Beans with an uppercut to higher platforms. It’s objectively hilarious.

Background Selector
A Background is the backdrop of the level, an environmental wallpaper that covers the vast sky in the Blunderdome with delightful designs. You now have five to choose from when making your Rounds, using the Background Selector. The designs are:
  • Original
  • Digital
  • Medieval
  • Future
  • Falloween
Go on, get building!


With the Fall Force Update, we’ll be releasing a handful of brand new Rounds for players to dig their beans into! The following Rounds are being released across the next 2 weeks:
  • Breezy Buddies
  • Remote Control
  • Cubic Conundrum
  • Chain Reaction
We’re also continuing to unvault more Rounds throughout the coming months, including the following rounds being unvaulted next week:
  • Button Bashers
  • Sum Fruit
  • Tip Toe Finale
  • Puzzle Path
  • Pegwin Pool Party
Keep an eye out on our Fall Guys Owl channel for more details!


The Trick or Yeet Fame Pass will help pack the Blunderdome with fanciful, fearsome fancy dress.

Highlights include the gnawsome Bat-Tastic Costume for bitey Beans. The Buff Guy Costume that adds insta-muscles without the workout. Scary never looked cuter than the Bad Beast or Pawly Repaired Costumes.

Rising from the depths is the Clockwork Calamari Costume, while the Squawks Sprockets Costume sees all. Not from above, but with its cool goggles. The Jack-o-Lantern Wearable looks gourdeous, too!

With Emotes and more free Wearables, it’s a seasonal bounty of a Pass, available from 10AM GMT 3rd October to 10AM GMT 7th November.


  • Various fixes to gaps, clipping and stretching for numerous costumes
  • Fixed nameplates appearing low resolution for some players
  • Fixed slight misalignment on the Player Banner and Crown Rank in the main lobby
  • Fixed screen snapping to highlighted items when using a controller in the Store
  • Fixed Coral pattern appearing grainy when players equip it with a neon or glowing colour
  • Fixed Fall Feed not displaying the names of other players who immediately qualify after you
  • Fixed inconsistent number sizes on the kudos wallet display
  • Fixed the “Esc” button prompt showing for the “Next Reward” on the Fame Pass screen
  • Fixed the Open Party button becoming unresponsive in certain areas when using a mouse
  • Fixed Glow Effect not corresponding to item rarity in the Fame Pass
  • Fixed door entrails not despawning in Creative Mode
  • Fixed players being unable to change keyboard bindings whilst using a Mouse
  • Fixed FPS drops on Duos and Squads when other players qualify in a Race Round
  • Fixed erratic display when navigating the Player Name list in Custom Lobbies
  • Fixed level 1 being displayed instead of level 54 in the Crown Rank
  • Fixed Soft Locks in Custom Lobbies if the host quits during the middle of a game, or the rewards screen
  • Fixed flickering rewards in the Challenges menu on PC
  • Fixed FPS drops when scrolling through the Fame Pass
  • Fixed the Depth of Field settings interfering with legibility of player names
  • Fixed the “Favourite” button in Custom Lobbies not reacting to mouse input
  • Fixed camera focusing on Fall Guys’ feet in Creative rounds when ragdolling
  • Fixed players being unable to rotate the plinth on the Unlocked Rewards screen
  • Fixed “undo” actions disappearing in the Level Editor history after certain actions
  • Fixed Basketballs not bouncing off of Drums
  • Fixed Fall Guy occasionally being launched into the sky when grabbing an upward fan
  • Fixed Grabbable Blocks glitching with the centre pillar of a turnstile and hitting the Fall Guy with high force
  • Fixed various Round lighting issues on Nintendo Switch

We want to thank you, the Fall Guys community, for playing our silly bean game and being the reason we work on these updates. As always, a huge thank you to our brilliant Dev and QA team for sorting these updates and to the entire Fall Guys Team for working so hard to make these changes!

Please remember to always report any in-game issues you face to our wonderful Support Team. Your feedback and reports are so vital in helping us keep Fall Guys as fun, playable and exciting as possible!

See you in the Blunderdome!