Roll up, you’ll have a ball!

Team Fall Guys / December 6, 2023

Welcome to the ‘Power Party’ Update, the perfect winter warmup.

For Builder Beans, Power Party delivers power-ups to Creative, the first of which is sphere-i-ously cool. It also comes with the Discovery Update, which makes it easier to hop into player-made Rounds. The Discovery Update will roll out the following week & we will communicate once it’s live for everyone to enjoy!

And it’s nearly time to unwrap the Winter Blunderland Fame Pass, which is bursting with festive-themed Costumes. Better than socks! 


The Blunderdome Construction Crew have unleashed power-ups in Creative, letting you give Beans a bouncing boost in your Rounds. The first of which is pretty marble-ous…

Power-up: Bean Ball
Bean Ball is an all round classic power-up! Grabbing the Beanified balloon will cause the player to curl up into zoomy little balls for a short while, letting them roll around at speed. More importantly, it looks like a hug!

Better Creative Rounds Discovery
With so many new Creative Rounds being made, we are adding the ability to play them from the main menu. Players will see a new Discovery tab appear next week, allowing Fall Guys and parties to dive right into player-crafted Rounds quicker than ever. Discovery will be in Beta whilst we continue to improve upon it, we’d love to hear your feedback via our various social channels as you dive into various creator made experiences. We will keep you updated as we roll out improvements and changes to Discovery.


Object Scaling
We’re big fans of Big Fans, so you can now scale Obstacles to be bigger or smaller in Fall Guys Creative, which is a huge deal. Or a small deal, depending on your designs.

The Drawbridge
Bridges usually bring people together, but that might not be the case with the new Drawbridge. The bridge is split in the middle, allowing both halves to move up and down, leaving a devious drop to be navigated. Good timing, and a bit of luck, will get you over.

The new Quarter-Pipe obstacle allows you to craft some seriously fast Rounds for the Bean Ball power-up.


Treat your elves and yourselves with the Winter Blunderland Fame Pass. Celebrate the holidays however you want with our eclectic aesthetics, live from 10AM GMT 12th December, 2023 to 10AM GMT 15th January, 2024.

With a fuzzy red coat and stripes, the Winter Red Panda Costume is the animal kingdom’s Santa Claws. Home baking has peaked! The Gingerbread Costume looks like a treat, with gingerbread walls, candy canes, and an icing roof.

With fancy hooves, jingle bells, and a toothy grin, the Llama Charmer Costume is super glama-rous. Is that an angel at the top of the tree? No, it’s a Bean wearing the Koala Knitwear Costume. We often confuse the two. You might say that the Santa Samurai Costume has a bushy-do beard…

There’s no better way to look cool than with the Figure Skating Celebration and Figure Skating Emote! We also have a few festive freebies in the Fame Pass for everyone to enjoy! Our Fabulously Festive Hat Wearable is a bauble-hat. Look a-bow-rable with the Xmas Wreath Belt. or look sip-ly sensational in the elaborately garnished Cosy Cocoa Costume.

Plus loads of Kudos and Show Bucks from Grandma Bean.



Thank you for testing your design skills in Fall Guys Creative! We’ve hosted a Holiday FallJam where we’ve been collecting all of your amazing Holiday-themed Rounds, in preparation of delivering a flurry of your Rounds to the Blunderdome! You twisted our Platforms and Force Fields into fabulous, tinselly trees, and now you can all get the best present of all…

The best holiday Rounds will be featured for all to play with some additional snow effects for a wintery feel. Plus we've got some seasonal rewards for players to unlock by completing our festive Seasons Yeetings challenges!

Plus, players can enjoy the FallJam Rounds in the same competitive way you play through our non-Creative Rounds! Players will be able to qualify through multiple Rounds, leading to a final battle for the Crown, instead of playing one Round at the time!


This may be our last Update of the year but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping there! We wanted to give you a sneak peek at a few things we are currently working on to bring you even more features in the first part of 2024…

We will have more news as updates roll out in the new year, stay tuned!


  • Fixed an issue where seesaws could spawn in incorrect locations
  • Fixed an error causing framerate drops while riding conveyor belts
  • Fixed overlapping UI elements caused by disconnecting from the network
  • Fixed menu button prompts occasionally appearing on incorrect screens
  • Fixed Soft Locks around network disconnection in the Custom Lobby flow
  • Fixed Soft Locks around network disconnection in Creative Editor flow
  • Fixed a partial Soft Lock in Creative Editor caused by changing keybindings
  • Fixed Soft Locks around discarding keybinding changes
  • Fixed an issue where duplicated Creative rounds did not immediately appear in Creative Editor’s Load menu
  • Fixed basketballs rolling upwards instead of downwards on See-Saws
  • Fixed beans clipping into seesaw while grabbing draggable objects
  • Fixed beans bouncing on seesaws when grabbing draggable objects on them
  • Fixed Soft Locks around suspending the game with the Social Panel open
  • Fixed player becoming unable to join Party via Social Panel after unlinking and relinking Epic Account
  • Fixed a variety of minor UI issues in Creative Editor object scaling
  • Fixed an error causing changes made in the Options Menu to reset on closing game
  • Fixed stretching and clipping issues on a variety of costumes
  • Fixed an issue causing emote previews to display incorrectly on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed framerate drops while moving Hoop Platforms in Creative Editor
  • Fixed several Creative Editor objects being highlighted even though the player isn’t looking at them
  • Fixed missing collision on obstacles in several Legacy Rounds
  • Fixed a crash associated with losing connection during a match
  • Fixed unresponsive ‘Save and Quit’ prompt on receiving party invite in Editor
  • Fixed blank Social Panel menu on receiving party invite in Editor
  • Fixed framerate drops caused by previewing emotes and celebrations in menu
  • Fixed points tracking inaccurately in Egg Grab and Egg Remix when eggs are grabbed
  • Fixed grabbing eggs causing the bean to move without player inputs
  • Fixed bounce board not reacting properly when speed arch is placed just above it in the Creative Editor
  • Fixed Creative Rounds’ backgrounds reverting from Digital to Original theme
  • Fixed grabbing draggable objects changing the finish line’s qualification area
  • Fixed carriable blocks sliding across padded floors after touching conveyor belts
  • Fixed carriable puncher blocks affecting nearby objects that aren’t touched
  • Fixed carriable fans causing beans to float in the air while carrying them
  • Fixed beans respawning as invisible if they fall while holding a carriable object
  • Fixed various obstacle visual glitches with deleting objects then using Undo/Redo
  • Fixed various obstacle visual glitches caused by resizing and rotating
  • Fixed beans incorrectly mantling bumpers in certain rotations
  • Fixed various collision issues with carriable blocks
  • Fixed inconsistent snapping of circular platforms to objects
  • Fixed issue where beans would try to mantle objects which have despawned

We want to thank you, the Fall Guys community, for playing our silly bean game and being the reason we work on these updates. As always, a huge thank you to our brilliant Dev and QA team for sorting these updates and to the entire Fall Guys Team for working so hard to make these changes!

Please remember to always report any in-game issues you face to our wonderful Support Team. Your feedback and reports are so vital in helping us keep Fall Guys as fun, playable and exciting as possible!

See you in the Blunderdome!