Now you see us…

Team Fall Guys / February 27, 2024

The upcoming Fall Guys Survival Update is a devious designer’s delight. So much power! You can make sneaky Beans vanish from sight. You can give them an explosive game changer. You can even craft Survival Rounds and fill them with disappearing floors!

Alongside it is our brand new Fame Pass. Want to evolve your wardrobe? Dress up as a dino, a duck, and more, available from March 5th!


With great power(ups) comes great responsibeanity…

Beans being seen? The Invisibility power-up will take care of that, allowing devious players to vanish from view. We can’t wait to see (or not see) the Rounds you make with this.

Party Crasher
This projectile Rhino allows players to change the game. Firing our rhino-shaped friend will blast it in a straight line, where it will either detonate after a number of seconds, or explode if a Bean gets too close!


Build survival rounds with falling floors and prepare for some honest feedback…

Despawning Tiles
Add disappearing hex-a-tiles to your Creative rounds, which will vanish after a set time, or when a clumsy Bean steps on one. They’ll be hex-a-gone!

Elimination Zones
No Round will be safe with the new Elimination Zones. Resizable, rotatable, placeable zones that end the game for any Bean who wanders into them in Survival Game Mode, or respawns the player in a Race Game mode.

Individual Start Points in Survival Rounds
Select where players will be plunked down at the start of a Round!

Survival Rounds
With all these additions, now’s the perfect time to add Survival Rounds into Creative. Build levels that will leave just one Bean standing, or more than one, it’s really up to you!

Likes for Creative Rounds
Fun fact: Beans have thumbs, so we’re putting them to use. Players can now like or dislike Creative Rounds they’ve played. This lets creators know how popular their rounds are!

Blast Balls in Creative Rounds
You heard that right! Our chaotic, fun and explosive Blast Balls are now available in Creative, meaning you can add these ticking time bombs to your own Creative Rounds!

Volcano Background
Ready to bring the heat? Give your Rounds the perfect backdrop for volcanic victories with the Volcano Background!

We're excited to see what chaos you can create with our Survival Update and we may even feature some of your treacherous designs in the future. No tags needed, build your Survival Round, publish and we'll find it! Slime certainly encouraged!


Admire the big teeth of the Granny Wise Wolf Costume, but don’t get too close! Keen to be green? Be a taped-up Tyrannosaur in the Homemade Rex Costume, and we’ve no doubt you’ll grow frond of the Legit Leafage Costume.

We’re not kitting: the Mew Mew Bot Costume is a bionic blasterpiece. There’s more to the Rubber Duckie Costume than a plastic mallard. It comes with a sudsy bath and towel as well.

Wear the glowing Neon Bones Costume and discover that beauty is more than skin deep. And finally, you’ll flip out for the Lobster Tail Wearable. All that plus emotes, celebrations, kudos, Show-Bucks and more!

Make space in your wardrobe! Our new Fame Pass is about to drop, it’ll be available from 12PM GMT 5th March!


  • Fixed an issue where animations were not previewing properly in Live Event screen
  • Fixed an issue where on first boot of the client after an update, the players could have an empty white background
  • Fixed an issue where switching tabs quickly in Discover tab could lead to a 2-3 second freeze
  • Fixed an issue where scaling the sphere in one axis affected the whole sphere collider
  • Added localization to the cancel prompt for the Bean Ball Powerup
  • Added missing sound effects when choosing tags in Creative Round rules
  • Fixed some plinth alignment issues with numerous nicknames and celebration previews in the customizer
  • Fixed issues with sticker scaling

We want to thank you, the Fall Guys community, for playing our silly bean game and being the reason we work on these updates. As always, a huge thank you to our brilliant Dev and QA team for sorting these updates and to the entire Fall Guys Team for working so hard to make these changes!

Please remember to always report any in-game issues you face to our wonderful Support Team. Your feedback and reports are so vital in helping us keep Fall Guys as fun, playable and exciting as possible!

See you in the Blunderdome!