It’s time for Turtle Power!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bring their half-shells to the ‘Dome

Team Fall Guys / August 14, 2023

Leonardo! Michelangelo! Raphael! Donatello! We love the Turtles, and they’re coming to Fall Guys. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arrive in store from 10AM GMT 17th August until 10AM GMT 31st August, with epic Costumes based on all four brothers, Wearables inspired by Rocksteady and Bebop, breakdancing Emotes, a slick Celebration, and more.

It’s a shell of a drop.

A world of Turt

Each cell-shaded Costume is a full turtle outfit with a shell. The Leo Costume has the trademark blue bandana and wraps, along with his sword and star, whereas the Mikey Costume has orange wraps. Raph’s Costume is red, with a bandana over his head and his sai tucked into his belt. Donnie’s Costume is purple and crammed with techy doodads.

Mutant menaces are also here for a pizza the action… The Bebop Wearable is a fancy swirl of purple hair, retro-future glasses, and a turtle shell shoulder pad. Eww. The Rocksteady Wearable had to be an Upper: it’s a rhino horn.

The Turtles love to party, and both the Going for a Spin Emote and the Ninja in Training Emote let you break-it-down. Winners get dinner with the elaborate and tasty Slice of the Action Celebration.

Go green machine, we’ll see you in the Blunderdome!