Look flash with the Warriors of Light Fame Pass!

Choc it out!

Team Fall Guys / August 22, 2023

The Warriors of Light Fame Pass is here to brighten the Blunderdome, letting you squeeze into the previously teased Costumes. Available between 10AM GMT 22nd August to 10AM GMT 3rd October, there are eight outfits and a pile of other glimmering goodies to grab!


Grab the Fame Pass, and you’ll immediately receive the Fat Chocobo Costume to become a lumpy vision in yellow. A Fat Black Chocobo Costume is an alternative look unlocked later.

The Alphinaud and Alisaie Costumes show off the twins’ formidable fashion sense, while the Dragoon’s Costume is simply formidable. And very pointy.

The fishy Namazu Costume is quite a catch, the Goobbue Costume is a moss have, and the White Mage Costume is the final word in robe fashion. A hat tip to two free Fame Pass unlocks: the furry Spriggan Cap, and the enigmatic Moogle Cap!

Pull the perfect pose with the Most Gentlemanly Pose Emote, yeet a neat greet(ing) with the Lali Ho Emote, and show off your personal growth with the From Sprout to Mentor Celebration. Also, we’re sensing a pattern… Two, in fact: the Minions of Eorzea and Meteor Patterns.

With numerous Nameplates and Nicknames, we’re confident in saying this is a Fantastic Fame Pass. We’ll see you Warriors of Light in the Blunderdome!