Here’s the Fall Guys June 2023, 2nd Patch Notes, straight from your Blunderdome Construction Crew!

Team Fall Guys / June 27, 2023

Hey Beans! We’ve just finished hammering away at a new update for Fall Guys Creative, bringing new treats for builder Beans and squashing bugs in the Blunderdome.

Piles of physics Obstacles, from a see-saw to multiple types of moveable blocks, should give you more opportunities to design Creative Rounds, and a new rule ushers in the possibility to craft co-operative levels.

It’s a whopper of a patch, and we’re so excited to share it.

Drum roll please… Introducing:
  • Bounce Boards: Do you see a see-saw? Bounce Boards allows one player to yeet another into the air by jumping on one end to raise the other, just like the playground favourite.
  • Draggable Blocks: Get a grip. No, really. Draggable Blocks are objects that Beans can grasp and move around levels. The blocks can be regular cubes, ramps, and fans, giving creators a plethora of pushables to plonk in the way of players’ progress.
  • Carriables: Lift your back, Beans. We're adding new carriable items that can be picked up, stacked, or even tossed around to trigger interactions. We're adding eggs, balls, blocks, and heavy blocks!

Now, onto the bug fixes!


  • It is now easier to hear the SFX of other players when they Dive Slide
  • Entering the Settings tab during a Store Refresh will no longer result in various UI issues
  • Fixed some languages experiencing short Freezes when entering the achievements tab on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed missing SFX on the Punching Glove in Creative
  • Fixed Celebration Previews not appearing on the Fame Pass
  • Fixed Door Dash Doors clipping when the number of doors is changed in the Level Editor
  • Fixed missing textures on the Finish Line for Hit Parade on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed soft locks when trying to report a player
  • Fixed occasions where the canons would not spawn certain objects in Custom Lobbies


Show Selector Changes
  • The Fall Guys Show Selector will have one section named “featured”, which will include Solo, Duos and Squad shows
  • There will be a second section in the Show Selector featuring Mediatonic-made levels that are showcasing brand new Creative features!

Custom Shows
  • Players will be able to choose from a number of player made Rounds—now easily selectable from the Custom Shows menu!
As always, a huge thank you to our brilliant Dev and QA team for sorting these updates and to the entire Fall Guys Team for working so hard to make these changes!

Please remember to always report any in-game issues you face to our wonderful Support Team. Your feedback and reports are so vital in helping us keep Fall Guys as fun, playable and exciting as possible!

See you in the Blunderdome!