Sam Porter Bridges Delivers Fame Pass 3

Destination… Blunderdome

Team Fall Guys / July 17, 2023

Professional stumbler Sam Porter Bridges has some precious cargo for Fall Guys: Fame Pass 3! This Fame Pass is crammed with Costumes, Emotes, and more, and will be available from 10AM GMT 18th July - 10AM GMT 22nd August. Sam is also the star of the Fame Pass, with a Costume inspired by the Standard-Issue Bridges SDT Suit. Yes, that means it has a BB…

The Great Deliverer is deliverered

Look! At! It! Squee! BB is tucked away into the pouch of the hooded Sam Porter Bridges Costume. We told you it was precious cargo. The Odradek on the back warns Sam of impending trouble during deliveries. Very brave to wear it in the Blunderdome, frankly.
Rewards arrive thick and fast with the new Fame Pass. You don’t get faster than an instant unlock of the otherwise very chill Charming Capybara Costume. It’s available the moment you buy the Pass! You can also unlock:
  • Cow Juice Costume
  • Cosy Croc Costume
  • Spike Costume
  • Beebot Costume
And when you’ve tamed the Fame Pass, there are bonus Costumes to unlock too. There’s also a free progression path available, with lots of goodies to enjoy, including the spiketacular Spike Costume!

Please enjoy your post apocalyptic post person post-haste.